My Toys

Toys are very close to my heart (not quite as close as food, but almost).

I have my very own toy box from which I pick my “toy of the moment”. Unfortunately, I seem to have lots of “toys of the moment” and my humans are forever moaning about them having to put back toys I have discarded somewhere round the house. I say what are humans for, if not to be my servant?

My toybox

In my toy box there are:

3 x tennis balls

1 x small rugby ball

3 x ducks that quack

1 x pheasant that honks

1 x large turkey that says “ho, ho, ho, merry christmas”

1 x meerkat that squeaks

2 x reindeers that squeak

1 x leopard that squeaks

1 x large teddy bear that quacks

1 x bear that squeaks

1 x floating retrieve toy (not that I ever retrieve things)

1 x ball on a rope

1 x rubber ball

1 x rubber stick

So what’s in your toy box?


5 thoughts on “My Toys”

  1. Millie Dog said:

    I can’t believe you have toys that still quack, honk & squeak in your toy basket! *programs Sat Nav to find Millie Labrador”s house*

  2. Just brilliant!

  3. A teddy bear that quacks??? Now that’s just not right. No, not at all right. A bear should growl and not quack.
    All my duckies still quack and my pheasant still honks. The only one that doesn’t make a noise is my kookaburra that I used to take upstairs to bed with me.. for some reason mummy & daddy are really happy that it’s now silent.

  4. My ducks only quack for approx. 1 day after purchase! Wow, you must have a soft mouth! Excellent hunting dog trait, but we don’t do that. We love our little forest friends. ROTFBA (Roll On The Floor Biting Ankles)

  5. Mollie Lab said:

    Hi Millie. Your toy box sounds lovely! I keep all my toys in my baskets with me. In my basket at home I have 2 balls (one that glows in the dark – Mum bought it, I don’t get it), a rope tugger which I don’t use, a big red lobster toy, a big blue bird, a big turkey called Rocky, a little reindeer. I like to leave them all round the house and get the humans to pick them up. At Granny’s house I have in my basket 2 more balls, another reindeer, a toy haggis (small n furry), a purple dinosaur and a couple of other things. At Mums work I have two toy mousies. One brown and one Christmas :@) I love my toys. I just carry them round and lick them. No chewing! Loved the panto and your blog. Woofs Molls x

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