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I hold my paws up. I have been neglecting my blog and consequently my blog readers. I wish I had an excuse, I really do. So all I can say is … I’m sorry *sad ears*

But I do have some important news to impart – I have discovered that I am ambidexpawed with clockwise hair swirls.

Why is this important I hear you cry?

Well according to a recent TV documentary called “The Secret Life of Dogs”, if  a dog sets forth right paw first and has anti-clockwise hair swirls then they are more likely to be calm, confident and self-assured and thus a better prospect as an assistance dog.

Sp as you can see, I would have stood no chance at being an assistance dog; my hair swirls in the wrong direction and I can’t make my mind up about which paw to lead with. Rubbish!

I have often wondered why you never see many chocolate Labradors as assistance dogs and now perhaps I know the answer.

So my canine readers, what are you?