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Yesterday was a very busy day for a dog for it was the day of Geolympix, an event for all geocachers held in Oxford. But more impawtantly than that, it was the day I finally got to meet my boyfuriend Bingo (aka @adogcalledbingo).

So for this special occasion, I demanded that humum make some biscuity noms.

Cottage Cheese & Cheddar anyone?

First off for the day, a spot of geocaching. As part of the Geolympix celebrations a marathon series in 5 rings & covering a total distance of 26.2 miles had been placed. The series is located in the Chiltern Hills, around the picturesque villages of Turville, Skirmett and Fingest.

We managed to avoid all the cyclists with a death wish around Henley on Thames and were soon on the trail. Now being a dog of a certain age that type of distance is a bit beyond me in one go, so we decided to take things easy and start with the B loop.

View from the top

The route was mostly on footpaths and bridleways and in some places due to the ridiculous amount of rain we’ve had the paths were very muddy – a labrador’s favourite.

What is hudad doing up that tree? More to the point, what is that thing he is sitting on?

The trouble with humans is that they keep wanting to rest.

My one complaint was that some landowners had completely fenced the stiles which meant that there was no way through for dogs and the humans were forced to lift me over the top.

In all we managed about 10 caches on the B loop before we had to call it a day as we were due to tweet-up with Bingo and his humans at midday at The Frog at Skirmett.

Bingo every watchful for noms

For some obscure reason my humans were more interested in eating that taking photographs at this stage (and they say that I have a one track mind).

After lunch it was off to Oxford and yet another first for me. A ride on a bus.

Waiting for the bus with Bingo

Bingo watching the world go by from the bus

Can I press that bell?

We soon arrived at our destination – Oxford Town Hall.

Home of Geolympix

Unfortunately us dogs weren’t allowed inside and so we had to make do staying in an area to the rear of the building whilst the humans took it in turns to have a look round.

Bingo & his humum

Just the two of us

A couple of people “discovered” me, for I am now a trackable in my own right. Whilst most geocachers are a normal bunch, there were the odd few clad head to toe in camouflage who were dressed more for army manoeuvres than finding tupperware boxes in the countryside. Either that or they were taking the whole “stealth” thing a bit too seriously!!!!

Our furiend Dalton (aka @waggfoods) had very kindly provided some noms to Geolympix for all of us geodogs. Unfortunately by the time we got there all the noms had vanished. We can only assume that the earlier geodogs had been very hungry indeed!!! So me and Bingo had to go hungry *sad eyes* [NOTE FROM HUMANS: hungry, you scoffed loads of those biscuity noms Millie]

I had a fantastic day, made even better by tweeting up with Bingo and his humans.

And after all of the excitement …..

One very tired pups