I have finally managed to convince the humans to make me trackable. Now before I hear howls of derision from you anipals out there, don’t panic. I’m not talking tracking in the sense of some device to track my every movement, that would be sheer stoopidity on my part. I’m talking geocaching.

For those of you who haven’t heard me mention geocaching before where have you been? No, seriously can I suggest a quick visit to my geocaching page for more information?

Basically a geocaching trackable is a little tag that you can attach to any item. That item then gets taken from cache to cache around the world, sometimes following a goal set by the owner. Trackables can also be “discovered” by other geocachers on their travels.

Now being an intelligent labrador (no sniggering at the back!), it occurred to me that if I became a trackable in my own right then I might:

  • get lots of attention from people whilst out and about; and
  • get noms from people who want to obtain the little code they need to formally log their discovery which is contained on a tag attached to my collar

I therefore gave the humans my best “cute” look and lo and behold they caved in and got me my very own trackable.

So, if you see a chocolate labrador whilst out on your trails answering to the name of “Millie” and whose humans are scrambling about the the undergrowth trying to look inconspicuous do say hello. More impawtantly, if you are armed with treats then I may just let you get that code from my collar.

No Noms, No Code !


Production of noms on your part does not guarantee production of the code on mine. This offer is subject to status and may be amended or withdrawn at any time without liability on my part.