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It is time once again to turn attention to the Manifesto for Dogs. Our next topic is going to focus on swimming. What’s that I hear you say? Of course, you’re absolutely right, I don’t really “do” swimming. I’m more of a paddler. But fear not readers, for I have access to insider information courtesy of the lovely @adogcalledbingo.

1. Swimming is not an activity that is contingent on good weather, light or the summer months. If a swim is demanded, it will be provided regardless of the above factors.

Ideal swimming whether but ….

Night Swim

Swimming in a thunderstorm

Swimming in the rain

2.Swimming with furiends is not an absolute necessity, but can add to the fun. Humans should therefore ensure that appropriate venues are located and used.

Swimming with furiends

3. A good, deep water source is needed for swimming. Humans will not attempt to pass off some muddy puddle as a “swimming venue”. Where such below-standard patches of water are used in case of dire emergency or desperation this will not constitute a “swim” on the part of the dog.

This is not an appropriate swimming venue

4. Swimming can be tiring so a cosy spot must be provided on the return home. Under no circumstances are dogs to be left outside or banned from the furniture until they have “dried off”.

Mmmmm …. cosy

So there you have it, the swimming chapter for my ongoing manifesto for dogs. As ever, a copy will be added to the Manifesto page of the blog.

Please feel free to leave comments, including your own favourite swimming spots etc.