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OK so I finally convinced the humans to let me at the Joint Care + treats from Pedigree. Pawsonally I don’t see why I had to convince them, after all they were addressed to me in the first place. But then the trouble with humans is that they forget their place in life.

The Product Shot

Anyway on with the test. As ever we start with useful information. The box says that it contains enough for 3 weeks of care. As there are 21 treats I guess that means I’m supposed to have one treat per day. This is a problem. Us Labradors are not exactly known for being satisfied with one treat. Oh well, I shall suffer in silence for the sake of the trial.

As for the treats themselves well they are free from artificial colours and flavours. In terms of the stuff to help care for joints the packaging says they contain glucosamine, omega 3, green lipped mussel powder and methionine. Anyone any the wiser?? Nope neither am I.

Time for the science bit. Glucosamine helps the body regenerate joint tissue, especially cartilage. Omega 3 is recognised for its role in promoting natural suppleness & flexibility. The green lipped mussel powder is a source of chrondoitin which helps with joint stiffness. Finally the methionine is apparently an amino acid use to support the natural regeneration process.

Enough with the science, it’s time to move on to the most impawtant parts of the testing process – smell and taste.

They smell fab and got my attention right from the word go. Even the humans thought they smelt nice which is saying something in the world of dog treats.

Now if the humans would just stop making me wait and hand it over for taste testing that would be pawfect. Right. Oh hang on, humum wants to video this bit so now I’ve got to wait whilst she gets the video camera ready.

[time ticks slowly past]


30 seconds later (or a bit longer if you include me heading back to the table to see if there was another one) …. nommy.

Now as readers of my blog know I score things on the Millie-O-Meter scale where 1 = a lettuce leaf and 10 = a steak. So where do I put Pedigree’s Joint Care + on the scale??? I would rate them a solid 8.5 and that isn’t bad at all.

Of course that rating only applies to the instant gratification from the treat and not to any long term benefits that may arise. As for them, well only time will tell.