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I have been very lax in my blogging recently, probably because nothing particularly exciting has happened. However, all that has changed. IT’S ARRIVED!!!

What has arrived?

A rather large yellow box from my furiends at Pedigree. See …

Told you it was a yellow box

It was definitely for me as it was addressed to Millie the Dog.

And what was in this yellow box?? This…

It's mine ... it's got my name on it

This was rapidly turning into a game of pass the parcel … but a game where I was always the winner.

And inside the rucksack were ….

Goodies galore

Let me see, there was a tube of rubber balls (tennis ball size), a flingy thing to fling them with, two packs of Pedigree Joint Care + sticks with enough treats to last six weeks and a digital video camera (unfortunately this last one is a loan).

So what’s this all about? Well, I have volunteered to take part in the Pedigree Joint Care + six week trial. You know me, anything for noms.

Not being a particularly intelligent dog, I guess the idea is that I eat the noms (no hardship there) and see what difference that makes to me. I confess that I am getting to an age where arthritis is setting in or so my VET person says so we shall see whether the sticks have any impact.

I will also be assessing them using the usual Millie-O-Meter method of scoring, but more of that later. For now I need to get back to playing with the yellow balls.

Come to me little yellow ball

I also need the humans to figure out what to do with the video camera. That could take a while BOL.