So after a week of freezing my tail off, the much promised snow finally arrived yesterday evening.

The snow started around 5pm but the “heavy snowfall” forecast by the Met Office turned out to be disappointingly small flakes falling fast.

See What I Mean

So after a good number of hours snowfall there was just one problem…. there wasn’t as much snow as the Met Office had led me to believe there would be. Really I don’t know why they bother. They build your hopes up and then whammo. Rug pulled well and truly from under your paws.

My long anticipated snow walk was rather dull. Dull because there wasn’t much snow, dull because no-one else was out and about and dull because there wasn’t so much as a sniff of the sun.


Humum got excited when she found what she says is proof of the existence of the “Hounds of Basingstoke Canal”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had just walked through that patch of snow.

Whose pawprints?

So if that is the snow for 2012 then I for one am very disappointed.

Does this face look disappointed???