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Who would think that embarrassing moments could end up equalling noms? I didn’t. But I recently discovered that Misfits were running #MisfitsMonday on twitter and in exchange for telling them about an incident in which you embarrassed your humans they would send you some treats.

Now I have had a few moments in which I have embarrassed my humans so picking just one was not easy. However, after a few moments thinking I decided that the moment which caused my humans most embarrassment was “The Case of the Cat and the House”. Now on twitter you only get 140 characters to tell your story, less if you include the reply and hashtag. So my tale was very abbreviated. So here for the benefit of all, including Misfits, is the full sorry saga.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.

A long time ago, in a town far away there lived a young chocolate labrador called Millie. Now Millie was a good dog *cough* and so when her humans were putting stuff in their car they would leave the front door open. On this particular day hudad was in charge as humum was at work (being in charge is obviously his view of things!).

Having left the front door open as per normal, I did espy a cat wandering towards the house opposite.  The humans from that house were just going out and they also had their front door open. Now I am not normally bothered about cats but that day I decided that I wanted to play. So I followed the cat at a gentle trot. The cat went into the house. I followed and boldly trotted past the other humans who were in their driveway and on into their house. Hudad hadn’t noticed my departure and was completely oblivious until the other humans told him what I was up to.

Now I am sure that the humans out there may be thinking that is embarrassing enough. But things were only to go from bad to worse on that front.

Having been invited into the house to collect me, hudad found me trotting round their house following the cat; it wasn’t a full on ‘chase’ because (a) cats were still new to me and I just wanted to say hello and (b) chasing involves too much effort. He called me, I ignored him and continued to follow the cat (bizarrely the cat was seemingly quite happy with the whole thing). The embarrassment quotient for hudad was increasing.

Now for the next part of the tale you have to appreciate the layout of the house opposite. The hall led to the kitchen from which there was another door into the lounge and thence the dining room from which you could go through another door back into the hall. The callback having failed miserably, hudad was left with no option but to try to catch me. A feat which is easier said than done, not least because I had no collar on (yep I am a nekkid dog in my own house!!!!).

Now picture the scene. Cat going round and round the house in circles. Me following the cat round and round the house in circles. AND …. bringing up the rear ….. hudad following me following the cat round and round the house in circles.

If you have ever seen a “Benny Hill” chase sequence, then you have the right idea.

The other humans were literally crying with laughter and enjoying the spectacle so much that it was a good few minutes before they offered their assistance.

Eventually after what seemed like a long time, order was restored or rather I was captured. Hudad at this point resembled a beetroot in the “colour of the face” department, although this may have been a combination of embarrassment and exertion.

And what was my reward for telling Misfits this story? Why 3 packs of treats. Yap you heard me right, 3 packs of treats. The lovely people at Misfits sent me one each of their Scruffy Bites, Nasher Sticks and Tangly Twists. I must confess I was slightly disappointed not to get a pack of Wonky Chomps, bearing in mind how much some of my twitter pals go on about them but I soon got over it.

So what are your most embarrassing moments? I appreciate, of course, that “the moment” may depending upon the perspective.