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Recently the humans have been giving a lot of thought to the topic of dog treats. Wonderful isn’t it? Or at least it is from this dog’s perspective. Humans thinking about dog treats, what more could a dog want? Well, other than the thoughts producing actual dog treats of course.

These thoughts have even gone so far as to wondering about a side-line in the homemade dog treat baking business. I know, barking mad the pair of them, as if running two businesses already isn’t enough! It’s not as though there aren’t others out there doing the same thing either.; but if it means I get to be chief tester then I, for one, won’t be moaning.

But this is where you, my furiends, come in. I would be hugely grateful if you could spend just a minute or two pondering the following questions and letting me have your thoughts.

If you have any other thoughts or observations then please feel free to leave a comment to this post.