It’s amazing where you can find relatives. So there me and my pal @lucythelab were on twitter talking about stuff as you do when suddenly she said that she’d looked at my pedigree on the blog and we were related. Not only that but so was @wigglethedog.

Apparently our joint relation is English Champion Kupros Master Mariner. You can find out about him here

English Champion Kupros Master Mariner

He is a great great great grandfather on both my mother’s and father’s pedigree line. He is also a great great grandfather on both sides as well.

He is one of Lucy’s great great great grandfathers on her mother’s side. Now for those of you who don’t know Lucy, she was born near Seattle, Washington, USA. So someone on her mother’s side must have made a very long journey across “the pond” at some point in their lives.

As for Wiggle, well he is a great great great great grandfather on his mother’s side twice over.

All I can say is that Kupros Master Mariner must have been a very busy boy!

I also discovered that Wiggle and I have another relation in common – Subar Mister Brown. He is one of Wiggle’s great grandfathers on his mother’s side and he is one of my great great great grandfathers on my father’s side.

This bloodline stuff is weird and I get a headache even trying to think what the exact relationship between the three of us might be. So I shan’t bother and simply think of them as my cousins.

I wonder what other relatives I might have out there who read this blog?