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I know you wait for a manifesto post for ages and then two come along in the space of ten days. Today I turn my attention to that important topic of walks. Why today? Well a dog has a lot of time for thought whilst out geocaching and having to wait for you humans to finish faffing about signing logs (how long can it take you people?).

Walks are very impawtant to us dogs. Not only from an exercise perspective but also from a social one. After all, they allow us to check up on all the latest peemails from our furiends to find out what is happening locally. So with those thoughts firmly in mind.


  1. Walks will be provided on demand; it is never “too cold”, “too wet” or “too dark” to go on a walk.
  2. Coats / Jumpers etc will never, ever, ever be worn (exceptions may be made for greyhounds & whippets, but only if they want to) [this manifesto point is made especially for my pals @lucyyellowlab and @rudipuds].
  3. Stoopid harnesses which claim to control pulling are strictly forbidden.
  4. Off-lead walks are to be the norm. Of course, there may be occasions when leads are a necessity but in those cases short leads are strictly forbidden and long extendable ones will be used to give us maximum freedom.
  5. If we wish to change direction or stop suddenly, this is acceptable and is not evidence of “bad behaviour”.
  6. If we want to walk through the mud, we can. Getting muddy is all part of the overall walk experience.
  7. If we want to paddle in puddles or swim in the sea, we can. Getting wet is all part of the overall walk experience.
  8. Rolling in something is all part of the overall walk experience and humans will not interfere
  9. When (6), (7) and (8) apply, there will be no “bath” or “hose down” when we get home.
  10. If we wish to socialise with other dogs, we may. Humans should simply wait patiently whilst we play and should in no circumstances attempt to call us away simply so they can continue with the walk. After all, who is being walked here?

And finally, whilst not a manifesto point, please do not forget to take with you a suitable supply of poop-bags. And whilst I’m on the point of poop-bags, hanging up a filled bag on a tree, fence or gate does not mean you have disposed of it properly!!!

So there you have it, the walks chapter of my ongoing manifesto for dogs. As ever, a copy will be added to the Manifesto page of the blog.

Please feel free to leave comments, including your own pet-peeves about walks à la human.