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I know I have been neglecting my ongoing Manifesto for Dogs of late so I thought I should put that right.

First off, a big thank you to all my furiends for their suggestions so far.

The next topic for the Manifesto is one which is very close to a labrador’s heart…. Noms (or as the humans call it ‘food’).


  1. What is mine, is mine.
  2. What is yours, is mine.
  3. It is perfectly acceptable to hang around the dinner table / kitchen countertops waiting for things to be dropped and you humans shall not tell us to “go away”
  4. All noms shall be delivered on time, or earlier. We shall not be forced to wait for our noms because you are “busy” or “out”.
  5. Humans shall not ignore dogs when we give you the “feed me” look, even if this look is given only seconds after eating the previous noms.
  6. Bacon and sausages shall be provided on request.
  7. If we offer to “pre-wash” the dishes, this offer of assistance shall be gratefully received [for all those of my furiends who like to do pre-washing].
  8. Kibble does not really count as noms.
  9. Despite what you humans might think, treats are not noms and do not count towards our dietary intake.
  10. Do not try to fool us by placing medications in our noms. We know it is there and will lick the bowl clean round it.
  11. If we find something to munch on whilst our on our walks, we shall be left to do so in peace. This applies no matter how vile you humans might think what we are eating is.

So there we have it, the manifesto on noms. I shall add this chapter to the Manifesto page.