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Yes I know Christmas seems like an age ago now, but the humans had an IT disaster just before the festive season (humum’s laptop went ‘bang’) and so it is only now that I have proper access to my blog – no matter how I try I just can’t post from the App.

Christmas Day itself was spent with the grandpawrents. This is good because they have a lovely rug in the lounge for me to, well, lounge about on. I’m also allowed sofa and bed privileges just like at home! See.

Sofa Privileges

The grandpawrents go in for Christmas in a big way which again is a good thing because it means there is lots of wrapping paper for me to *cough* assist with the disposal of.

See what I mean?

Those huge bags were filled with presents so there was a lot of wrapping paper.

Now I am a dog who has been brung up proper (OK, there are some issues which remain to be ironed out!), so at this point I would like to thank my furiends for my fabulous christmas pressies.

Hunan and hugrandad got me a fabby squeaky reindeer and also made me a large tin of biscuits – sausagemeat and ham & parmesan flavours.

Rudolph the squeaking reindeer

My lovely boyfuriend @adgocalledbingo sent me a knitted stocking which contained a rawhide bone chew (you can’t see the chew in the photo ‘cos I’ve eaten it!)

That is Bingo on the right in his Santa hat

@lucyyellowlab @rudipuds and Dalton (aka @waggfoods) sent me some nommy treats

Not the entire collection

Dalton also sent me a raggy

The raggy is mine, I tell you

The humans bought me a rather odd looking squeaky toy, I think it’s supposed to be a reindeer but it looks more pig shaped than reindeer shaped

Reindeer or Pig????

They also got me a new toy box, which I’m not entirely sure counts as a present given as it was really bought as an improvement on the look of my previous plastic box.

Toy Basket

Phew I think that is about it. So thank you everfurryone one for my lovely presents. I’ve still got my paws crossed that there might be a few more to come (that is hint Aunty Liz!)

After all that present opening I was exhausted so I was only too pleased not to accompany the humans on Boxing Day when they visited humum’s brother and his family.

Wake me in time for Christmas 2012

Of course, there was another reason why I couldn’t go

Bertie and Bessie

And now all that remains for me to do is wish all my readers a pawtastic 2012.