Act 4 – The Grand Sausage Ball

Narrator: So they all went to the grand sausage ball!

Announcer: Announcing Baron Hardupaw and his pretty daughters MillieMoo & LucyLou

Baron Hardupaw: Now girls fill up those bags with sausages

Buttons: *arrives on skateboard carrying drinks tray* Pawtini Ladies?

Zips: *arrives on roller skates* Bacon Beer sir?

LucyLou: I hear Aunty Fru Fru did the catering

MillieMoo: Let’s go find the buffet

Dogdini: Good evening Baron I see you brought your pretty daughters?

Baron Hardupaw: Yes but typical labs they are heading straight for the buffet

Queen: What lovely daughters Baron, have you met my son?

Dogdini: *catches sight of Lucy Lou* I say *almost faints* fancy a go at agility?

LucyLou: I’m up for a round *necks pawtinis*

MillieMoo: I will carry on with our ‘quest’ *continues heading to buffet*

Announcer: Announcing Goldoglocks and her sisters EllieBell & MollieDoll

Goldoglocks: Ok girls go sniff out the sausages

EllieBell: Let’s go I can’t stand porridge. Is that cousin Mill with that big bag?

MillieMoo:*fanning herself* evening cuz, Lucy’s pulled

MollieDoll: Has she met the prince?

MillieMoo: His best pal Dogdini. Look they’re doing agility

Goldoglocks: Is that doggy dancing I see?

Zips: Go Buttons Go

Announcer: The Puss in Lycra – Miss Gucci

Gucci: Hope they got some punk!

Gucci: Wow, look at Grandad Hardupaw dancing with the queen

Queen: Why thank you Baron how about we do Rally O?

Baron Hardupaw: Of course my dear, shall we watch the youngsters first?

Gucci: I can’t believe what those dogs are doing

Narrator: Gucci watches the dogs do flyball meanwhile back at the buffet…

Goldoglocks: What you got MillieMoo?

MillieMoo: I think the sausage trifle was a mistake, cream messed up my bag

Gucci: Cream!

Narrator: The cat scurries to the buffet table & dives into the trifle

Goldoglocks: Does that cousin of ours teach that cat nothing?

MillieMoo: So embarrassing get off the table Gucci OMD it’s the prince

Prince Charming: *Sighs but tries to be polite* Are you having a good time?

MillieMoo: *Speechless but slowly stutters* Yes

Goldoglocks: Your Highness, Sorry about the cat

Prince Charming: I see she got the cream?

Dogdini: Sir we should mingle

MillieMoo: That’s my sisfur LucyLou (oh no she’s going to wave)

LucyLou: *waves frantically* ohhh ohh Millie *sniffs sausage & runs to buffet*

Narrator: and the cat carries on plundering cream from the sausage trifles discarding everything else

LucyLou: *picks up sausage from floor* Nom Nom

MillieMoo: *bends to pick up sausage, bag falls open and contents spill* oopps

Prince Charming: There appears to be cream on my nose!

Gucci: Lick the prince

Prince Charming: Dogdini get her off me *paws flailing*

Dogdini: Here Puss. Buttons, Zips remove that cat

Buttons: Come on Gucci

Zips: Yes come on, we don’t want any trouble

Gucci: Button it Dog, I’ve got claws and I’m not afraid to use them

Fanfare … The Puss in Lycra takes the chance to escape the dogs paws

Prince Charming: Who is that? *turning to look at the top of the stairs*

Dogdini: Who indeed

Announcer: A *looks at invitation* … beautiful stranger

Gucci: That looks like Mother

Cinderellapaws: *to herself* Oh my who is that handsome dog my daughter was licking?

Narrator: Cinderella’s & Charming’s eyes meet across a crowded room

Gucci: Quick … under the table

Buttons: *Sees Cinderella* Under the table

Zips: I’m there

MillieMoo: What are you all doing here?

LucyLou: Helping you put the sausages back in the bag

Goldoglocks: I’m just eating sausages

EllieBell: Look at that beautiful dog dancing with the Prince *peeps out from under the table*

MollieDoll: She’s a great dancer too

The Narrator: The Prince and the “Beautiful Stranger” dance the night away, ignoring everyone else. Later ….

MillieMoo: Well I must say, the Prince could have at least had one dance with me.

LucyLou: Don’t worry, I’m sure he was admiring you from afar

Announcer: Ladies & Gentledogs, please take your places for the midnight waltz

Cinderellapaws: Oh no

Prince Charming: What?

Cinderellapaws: I must leave NOW *runs up the stairs, catching her collar on the way past a statue*

Prince Charming: Wait, you can’t leave I don’t know your name *starts following up the stairs*

The Queen: Charming! You have to lead the dance

Prince Charming: Coming *stoops to pick up the collar & turns disconsolately back to the ballroom*


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