Act 3 – In the woods, a Kennel near the Castle

Buttons: C’mon Zips let’s go see Cinders. These woods are lovely

Zips: Slow down bro, what’s the hurry?

Buttons: Keep up Zips *turns head back & runs straight into kennel door*

Zips: Na na na na naaaaaaaa!

Buttons: *Shakes himself & calls* Cinders are you there?

Cinderellapaws:*Sad face* Pah! On my own they’ve all left me & gone to Grand Sausage Ball

Zips: We’ll sneak in too, they’ll never notice

Cinderellapaws: I couldn’t, I’m not dressed, no collar *Zips & Buttons try not to stare at state of undress*

Buttons: Let’s pretend then *Hums a waltz & does a dance outside kennel*

Cinderellapaws: *Sighs* That was lovely Buttons, here catch, have a sausage

Zips: Watch me dance efuryone *reverses into Xmas pressies under tree by mistake*

Buttons: Watch out clumsy, hey what’s happening?

Furry Dogmother: *Pressy falls open, out comes…* Surprise surprise! *looks round kennel*

Furry Dogmother: That was unexpected *straightens out wand* where am I?

Cinderellapaws: You’re in Baron Hardupaw’s kennel

Furry Dogmother: Baron Hardupaw’s kennel? That darned catnav never works. I’m supposed to be at the Castle

Cinderellapaws: Oh someone else who’s going to the Ball *starts to cry*

Furry Dogmother: Sorry darlinks wrong place *turns, looks at Cinders crying* What’s up pet?

Cinderellapaws: *Sad face* Can’t go to ball no collar to wear, my sisfur is a page 3

pup & even she has a new collar to wear *disgusted look*

Furry Dogmother: Here try this *shakes wand, sparks appear*

Buttons: OMD look at this Cinders *picks up beeeyoooootiful collar*

Cinderellapaws: Zips, hold my marigolds while I try it on

Zips: *Excited woof* You look fab Cinders

Cinderellapaws: *Admires herself in the mirror* You’re so right Zips now how will I get to the Castle?

Buttons: Furry Dogmother can you change this bauble & Gucci’s mousies into a carriage fit for a princess?

Furry Dogmother: *Confidently aims wand…… nothing happens*

Furry Dogmother: *Embarrassed cough* Whoops try again  *crash, bang, wallop*

Buttons: *Peers through the smoke out of the kennel door* Wowsers look at the coach Cinders…. eeeerm where’s the horses?

Furry Dogmother: *Peers out the door* Darn it, now where’s those mousies?

Buttons: There, over there

Zips: They’re right behind you

Furry Dogmother: No they’re not *looks round*

Buttons: Yep they are…

Zips: Eeeeek I’m outta here if this carries on!

Furry Dogmother: Now where did I put my wand?

Zips: Haha they’ve made a dash for freedom *mousies race towards wainscot*

Furry Dogmother: *Flourish of wand* Goodness that wasn’t supposed to happen…

Buttons: Teehee that mousie looks funny as a bottle #pickupabottle

Furry Dogmother: Don’t suppose you have any mousies in the freezer?

Zips: *Runs to freezer* How ‘bout a mice cream?

Cinderellapaws: Oooh yes, Gucci always has mousie lollies *passes frozen mice using tails as sticks*

Furry Dogmother: *Pulls a face* That is really yukky! Put them by the bauble.

Cinderellapaws: They are Gucci’s best white ones, oooohhhhh *wand explodes into life*

Buttons: *Picks himself up* Look at that coach & horses Cinders

Cinderellapaws: Why are we waiting guys?

Zips: Hey shall we tag along?

Furry Dogmother: Just make sure you are back before midnight ….

All characters exit stage left


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