As my twitter pals know I have been very busy over the past week assisting in the kitchen. Hudad’s sister had a milestone birthday on Friday and her daughter organised a surprise birthday pawty for her yesterday. Hudad’s allocated task was the birthday cake.

Now hudad being hudad he was not going to take the easy option and buy one from the shops. Nope, he was going to bake one. Much t’interweb research later, the cake design was chosen. A jukebox. According to the humans it didn’t look like it would be too difficult to create. How wrong they were

First up was baking the 2 x 10 inch square madeira cakes. I have never seen so much butter piled up on the kitchen countertops as these were to be “all butter” madeira cakes. 750g of butter for each cake. These were not to be cakes for those watching their figures!

Sifting the flour can be a bit messy

The best bit was tasting the cake batter. I really do enjoy quality control. It’s a tough job but somedog has to do it.

Some considerable time later (it takes 3 hours to bake each cake). The squares were done. Next up trimming the cakes to make them level and the right shape. That was a bit boring, although a couple of the trimmings did fall off the countertop which I, being the helpful dog that I am, immediately hoovered up. It’s impawtant to keep the kitchen clean and tidy whilst cooking!

Next another good bit, the buttercream and jam filling. Yep, you’ve guessed it more butter. And another exhausing round of quality control was undertaken.

Then the most difficult bit, the icing. There are a lot of coloured bits on a jukebox and lots of different shapes. It looks easy, but it isn’t.

I did learn some useful tips about decorating cakes. But the best one was don’t use icing sugar or cornflour to roll out your icing, use a solid vegetable oil to grease the countertops (we used Trex but other solid vegetable oils are available BOL). This avoids the icing from drying out and losing colour.

After many, many, many hours work it was complete.

The finished cake

I think it’s pretty impressive. Just call me Chef Millie!!!!

This cheffing business is exhausting