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Hello my furiends, I am back from the wilds of The Cotswolds. I’m not kidding about the wilds bit either, no wi-fi, no 3G, only a very temperamental Edge signal all of which played havoc with my tweeting abilities. Leaving communication issues aside though, I had a great weekend.

The run in to the weekend was fab, as I got out my chef’s hat to assist the humans baking hunan’s birthday cake – it was her birthday on Saturday (no, I’m not going to tell you how old!). Well after licking the cake batter spoon, then testing the butter icing and the fondant icing, this is what I came up with:

The Cake!

Definitely worthy of @Ollyted and his #caykclub I think.

I did also get to try a little piece of the finished article (thanks hunan!). OMD … cakes are very, very nommy.

We were staying in the CSMA Club Retreats cottages in Bourton-on-the-Water. We stayed in Stepping Stones, but all of the cottages / apartments are dog friendly. You don’t have to be a member of the CSMA to go there, but members do get a discount on the price.

On Saturday, we went to Batsford Arboretum (an arboretum I discovered is a posh name for a wood). Dogs are very welcome provided they are on a lead, which is fine by me.

What's that over there?

If only I lived in a house like that .....

Here I come ... ready or not!

Autumn colours

Apparently these sticks are not for throwing or chewing

Why is his ball larger than mine?

After all that running about I was pooped and so it was back to the cottage for a lovely snooze.

Tired pups

On Sunday, the humans went to the Remembrance Day service at the village’s war memorial. I wasn’t allowed to go because I would be “an embarrassment”. Does anyone know what that is? But I did watch from the window and observed the two minutes silence. After that the female humans went for a look round the shops, whilst the male humans took me out for a walk along the Windrush. I think I got the better deal. Shopping is not my thing at all.

We also did a spot of geocaching, but we had to wait for it to get dark to minimise the risk of being spotted by muggles. No matter how hard you try though it is virtually impossible to hang around places in a village or town centre without looking slightly dodgy. Still that’s another one to add to our total.

Well that was my weekend. I hope yours was just as good regardless of what you might have been doing.

I shall leave you with one final photo.