As you can see from the title of this post, I am outraged. What is the cause of this outrage? The humans. Who else?

I have been told that I, Millie_T_Dog, am once again no longer to be a lone pet.

Did I get a say in this turn of events? What do you think?

So what is to be joining the family clan? Fish! I mean, I ask you. What are they thinking? Fish are, in my humble opinion, dull. They don’t do anything. They can’t play catch or tug. Pointless really.

What’s worse is that they used to have a marine aquarium set up but this was abandoned when they moved offices. Some humans just don’t learn. This time, they are going to go “tropical”.

The one saving grace in all this, and it is only a very minor positive, is that these fish will not be in my house; they will be in the office. So I will not have to put up with them gawping at me whilst I snooze.

However, in the spirit of co-operation (and because I am a super blogging dog) I have agreed to write another blog about the setting up of this aquarium. So I am proud to announce the arrival of The Rivals by Millie Dog.