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OMD I can’t believe it, once again I am in the fortunate position to be nom-taster extraordinaire. This time my furiends at @thebeaglebakery sent me a small packet of two of their biscuits to sample – Milky Squares and Cheesy Flowers.

As always with my reviews, I get the humans to check out the ingredients.

The Milky Squares are made with rye flour, milk powder, eggs, butter and water whilst the Cheesy Flowers are made from spelt flour, cottage cheese, parmesan, olive oil and water. In fact all Beagle Bakery products are wheat free and are made from human grade ingredients.

If I do my sad eyes, can I have the treats now?

OK so now for the taste test.

First up the Milky Squares….  A lovely crunch and a fantastic taste. Not too much in the aroma stakes, but then milk doesn’t really have an aroma anyway (unless it’s gone off!! BOL)

Now for the Cheesy Flowers… There’s a definite cheese aroma, even crunchier than the Milky Squares if that is possible and a heavenly cheesy taste.

If I had one request to make it would be for them to come in a larger size, but that’s not a complaint just me being a typically greedy labrador.

In fact they were so good that I was even prepared to do the old “treat on the paw” trick in order to get another one….

OK, it's on the paw, let me at it...

So applying the millie-o-meter scale which my readers will be familiar with, I would award these biscuits a solid 8 out of 10.

Check out The Beagle Bakery website. It’s not just biscuits you know, they also sell cakes, hand painted treat jars, hand made sock toys as well as cards.