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Yes I do know today is Monday, but I was so pooped out after my geocaching exploits yesterday that I didn’t have any energy left to write a blog or do anything other than snooze.

A good afternoon and night’s sleep has put my right and now I’m back to my usual full of beans self. In fact I’m so bouncy I think I’m going to bounce all over the humans hairdresser when she arrives in about an hour’s time from ….. NOW.

Anyway back to my geocaching adventures. Yesterday we did a circuit called Finchampstead Undulations, together with a few extras that were on the same route round. A total of 20 caches were bagged, it would have been 21 but we couldn’t find one of them no matter how hard we looked.

We parked up next to the memorial hall / village park / cricket green deciding to start the round at the 4th numbered cache rather than the 1st (the cache round starts near a Church and we thought parking on a Sunday morning might be a bit tricky)

Our morning’s adventures began by me spotting (and sniffing) this bracket fungus.

Pity there's no scratch & sniff 'cos this was a bit whiffy.

We then passed an Alpaca farm; we didn’t hold out much hope of seeing any Alpacas because other geocachers had all noted on their logs that they couldn’t see them but luck must have been with us (either that or it was feeding time).

You can just make them out through the trees

Then it was a long walk through the woods and along the edge of what could have been a sand extraction site to our first non-micro cache of the day, which was watched over by horses. A leap over a ditch by hudad to retrieve was rewarded by a trackable. We dropped off a trackable we were holding here as it seemed only polite. So it was goodbye to the clogs and hello to the red fish.

I don't think they will tell the muggles anything

By this point I confess that I was getting slightly underwhelmed by the number of times oak trees were involved in the cache hides. But the setter soon redemeed himself by using ….. wait for it …… a beech tree. What am I saying? I must have gone a bit oak crazy if a beech tree is cause for celebration.

The next thing of interest I spotted, the humans can be so blind sometimes, was a rather large mushroom. It must have been at least a foot tall. Cue silly mushroom jokes from hudad

Bet there's not mush room in there - boom boom

I also stopped to talk to some sheep that were in a field next to the footpath, although I’m not really sure they wanted to talk to me. They just kept looking at me. I’m beginning to wonder if sheep aren’t a bit dense.

Watch the doggie

After what seemed like a very long time, we finally made it to the Church and more importantly the pub nearby. Cue a refreshment stop. For once the beer garden was empty, although that might also have been due to the fact that just when we decided to stop a cloud decided to rain on us. Luckily it was only a brief shower.

Nothing like a woogle in a beer garden to relax all those muscles.

Whose for a game of pingypaws?

However, the best was yet to come…..

Hudad was having a pint of Brakspear’s bitter and gave me some to try. OMD.

This tastes sooooo much nicer than water

I think I’m going to demand a half next time we stop at a pub.

All in all a good morning’s walk. But boy was I pooped at the end of it.

Do not disturb .... zzzzzzzzzzz