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Yes dear readers, it is time once again for I, Millie T. Dog, to undertake the arduous task of carrying out a review.

This time I have been asked to review a Skin & Coat nutritional oil supplement by Fullolife. I can’t think why my humans think I would need such a thing, I mean it’s not my fault that I continually shed hairs over their carpets and am prone to the occasional bout of dandruff.

Anyway, according to the advertising blurb:

“Fullolife Skin & Coat helps to promote supple skin and a healthy coat. This nutritionally balanced blend of natural oils will help nourish and moisturise dry, scaly and itchy skin from the inside out maintaining general good health and promoting a glossy coat.”

We shall see.

FulloLife Skin & Coat Supplement

As ever with my reviews, some information first. The active ingredients in the supplement are Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E, Starflower Oil & GLA. Now I’m not a chemist, so I have no idea what these things are supposed to do for a dog but I’m sure it has all been researched.

I’ve been having the recommended dose for a dog my size added to my dinner. I haven’t noticed any discernible difference in either the taste or smell of what’s in the bowl, but then my humans would say that the food doesn’t stay around long enough for me to have possibly noticed any difference (they can be so rude!).

I’ve even tasted the supplement on its own and can report that I quite happily licked the spoon clean.

Tastes good from the spoon

So has any difference been noticed with my coat? The humans reckon that I have less “dead fur”, which hopefully means that I will see less of “the brush of doom” (I tolerate brushing, but am not a huge fan).

Over to you, what do you think?????

I think my coat looks shiny, what do you think???