My and my twitter furiends are always looking for some new mischief to get up to; we’ve done cycling in the Tour de France, we’ve built and launched #Arc (our very own boat which has proved useful with the amount of rain we’ve had this summer) and we’ve had trips to Scotland, France & the Scilly Isles.

Following a discussion about films, it was suggested that we should put on a Christmas Panto.

So, the #Pantopawz company will be pleased to present to you this Christmas for your delight and delictation our very own production of…..


We have already been working very hard and after exhaustive auditions up and down the country in true X-Factor style, the following anipals have been cast:

NB: Twitter names have been used in case any readers wish to follow us (that is known as a hint by the way)

Prince Charming






Goldilocks’ Sisfurs (Ellie Bell & Molly Doll)

Els (@Sunlightzzz)

Mols (@Sunlightzzz)

Pusses in Lycra (Cinderella’s children by a previous relationship)



The Furry Dogmother


The Pretty Sisfurs (Millie Moo & Lucy Lou)





Zips (Buttons’ cousin)

Dalton (@waggfoods)

Baron hardupaw


The Star of the East


The Narrator

Lily (@Lily_Daisy2)

The Narrator’s Runner

Daisy (@Lily_Daisy2)

As you can see we have taken all the traditional elements of panto and given them our very own #pantopawz twist and because of the sheer volume of acting talent we’ve had to amalgamate several panto stories into one.

Whilst the plot remains a closely guarded secret until opening night (OK, OK the script hasn’t been written yet), you can be sure of a fantastic time and the panto will be suitable for anipals, tweeps and bears alike.

All the actors and actresses are in safe hands as our director, @wonderwinger, has considerable experience in the acting world – she is the star of the current Pets at Home advert.

You can follow our adventures during rehearsals by searching for the #pantopawz hashtag on twitter.

OK #pantopawz ….. let the chaos and mayhem commence.