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My pal Dalton at Wagg dog food arranged for me to receive some proper Wagg training treats – in my first blog I used ordinary Wagg treats which were delish so I reckoned that the proper training ones should be fantastic & persuade me to concentrate! Mom felt we should do something different from the usual Good Citizen training we do so she chose dancing – DANCING? Anyway, I knew when the postman called with my treats, I was there to greet him (& make sure he didn’t try & snaffle any)

Parcel arrives safely from Wagg

Needless to say the treats were quickly put in the cupboard out of sniffing distance Mom muttering about practice & planning a little routine. This was not my plan! Luckily the treats came out for practice, they are oven baked meaty bone shaped goodies in three delish flavours, chicken, beef & lamb. I like them all but so do my sisfurs & as usual Daisy muscled in (she is 14 with very restricted sight but believe me she could smell these treats!)

Daisy might not have much sight but Wagg treats smell delish

First of all we had to do some static work so we started with an easy one giving a paw, “touch” for the right front paw & “tap” for the left front.

Touch & Tap training

So far so good, Mom could manage! We then tried the weave exercise – get your hands right Mom, I know what I’m doing…

The static weave

Continuing with the weave

Our final exercise was to practice the reverse move..

Reverse move from front between legs to heel position (tricky)

To keep Mom happy I played along to get some nice tasty Wagg treats , easy for me but Mom had to do extra homework  & get no treats – haha! Humans are such hard work sometimes! Well, now for the big one, putting the exercises together on the move…

I think poor Mom was shattered after I had to work her so hard! After all the sunshine & calm weather we’ve had we hadn’t realised the video would pick up the wind in the trees, never mind, showed how hard we were working not to notice! Now down to the important things. on the Millie-o-meter scale, Mom, Dad & I would give 8 out of 10 (like last time) number 1 being a lettuce leaf & number 10 my Dad’s home-made liver treats. Mom being mean said the treats could easily be divided for training & a whole one (yes, yes, YES) could be given as a jackpot treat. *Rolls eyes* only Mom could think of that one surely! Mom & Dad will be using the treats at their dog club & if there are any left I’ll make sure I eat them all – nice!!!

Thanks to Wagg for the treats & Anty Lucy for taking the pix & giving us encouragement.

Me & Mom


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