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Once again I was out geocaching over the weekend and it was a tale of three firsts.

1. Our first nano cache (GC19Z0V).

Do you know what this is????

No? It is a Spigot Mortar Gun mounting and is the home of our first nano find. A nano cache is very small, in this case it was slightly smaller than a 5p piece and about 0.5cm deep. As you can imagine, the log on which you record your find is very tiny and very fiddly.

For those of you interested in the history, the Spigot Mortar or “Blacker Bombard” was invented by Lieutenant Coloner Blacker with the aim of providing cheap and easily produced weapons after most of the British Army’s heavy equipment had been lost at Dunkirk. It fired a 20lb fin-stablised high explosive mortar bomb and had an effective range of 100 yards when used as an anti-tank device and 450 yards when used as an anti-personnel device. It had one major drawback in that when the warhead hit its target, the fins would often fly backwards endangering the firing crew. In its static defence role, the mortar was mounted on a steel pin set into a substantial base of reinforced concrete. This was in turn set within a camouflaged weapons pit to offer some protection to the three man gun crew. The gun was rejected by the regular army but saw service with the Home Guard from 1941-1944.

2. Our first multi cache AND 3. Our first ammo box find (GCP8G8)

Our next firsts both came courtesy of the same cache, our first multi cache and our first ammo box find. A multi cache is one where you visit several locations picking up clues to the location of the actual cache. Humum had sensibly marked the waypoints onto the map before we left to make life easier on the trail itself. Hudad was in charge of dealing with the clues and determining the final set of co-ordinates (thankfully the maths was very simple!).

We did have fun battling through overgrown footpaths along the way. Or rather I had fun because I was short enough to duck under the plantlife; the humans just moaned a lot.

The final cache location was not so much “stickoflage” but “logoflage”, which had the humans laughing. But then an ammo can isn’t exactly easy to hide. I was so pleased that I did something I’ve never done before, I had a woogle whilst out for a walk. Don’t get me wrong I’m more than happy to head-dive into something smelly if given half a chance, but this was a woogle for woogling’s sake with nothing smelly about.

A celebratory woogle