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And so the end of the school year has arrived once more and large numbers of humans will be frantically rushing about getting ready to “go on holiday”.

Holidays are an odd concept for us canines, after all our entire lives (save for those extra special working dogs) are spent on holiday. Humans however seem to place great importance on these events, with them assuming mythical status. Hours are spent talking about them, planning them & booking them. Even more time is spent counting down the days until the actual day arrives. Don’t get me started on the packing and the cleaning of the house before they do leave. And then after the event itself yet more time is spent reminiscing about what happened and looking through photos.

But how often are dogs asked for input in deciding the when, the where or indeed any question relating to holidays? Not flipping often.

I think I speak for most dogs when I say that we would like to be consulted. After all if it is as important as you seem to make it out to be, then as part of the family it is only right that we should be consulted.

And our needs are simple. We want to go too and we want to go where you go.

We do not want to spend time in kennels, no matter how you may attempt to dress it up by saying that “you are going on your own special holiday”. Let’s be honest, would you be happy if on arrival at your holiday destination you were led to a small room with a slightly larger concrete run off it and told you could leave that area 2 – 3 times a day for 30 minutes at a time; not to mention the constant noise from your neighbours? You wouldn’t be happy? No, I thought not.

[[At this point I should make it clear that I have only ever stayed in kennels once in my life. On other occasions my humans have made arrangements for me to stay with relatives or friends, which is infinitely more preferable to kennels (at least I get to stay somewhere I know and with people I know). I also accept that not all kennels are alike and I am making generalisations. However, this is a blog so I can make all the generalisations I like.]]

And so I begin the summer holidays by launching the first part of my “Manifesto for Dogs”


  1. Dogs shall be entitled to be consulted about when holidays are to be taken, where they are to be spent and in what accommodation
  2. Dogs shall not be left behind when humans go on holidays and shall certainly not be subjected to kennels.

I would be delighted to hear from any furiends with their suggestions for additional points for the Manifesto on this topic or other subject areas for the Manifesto generally.