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According to the humans, too much computer time is bad for us dogs. Rubbish. I think that’s just a poor excuse for the fact that they have been hogging the computer all week, leaving me with only the ibone to communicate. Now those of you who have tried to write a blog using only you ibone will know that it’s by no means easy. I tried several times but kept making typos and in the end I gave up on the whole idea and had a snooze instead. Hence the delay to this post.

Last weekend was a very busy one for me, despite it raining continually. I met my furiend Teagan the Geodog on Saturday and I went through a tunnel under the Basingstoke Canal and set my very own geocaching trackable off on its journey on Sunday.


Many of my furiends will know Teagan on twitter. If not, why are you not following her? Well last Saturday I got to meet both her and her humans. They had been staying with furiends and made a detour on their way home to my neck of the woods (or should that be town) to try to find my puzzle cache.

Teagan with her humans and me with hudad

I was my usual exuberant self (or according to my humans a total disgrace). I just can’t help myself. Surely everyone wants to be my furiend and be greeted with labby hugs and licks? Teagan on the other hand was calm, collected and if I’m honest her manners put me to shame. I liked Tegan. So much so that I even gave her one of my biscuits.

Teagan the Geodog

I hope to meet Teagan again soon and shall have to start planning a trip down to Dorset to find her caches.


On Sunday, in between the rain, we took a short trip to find a recently placed geocache that had my humans intrigued. According to the listing it was on the opposite side of the canal from the towpath and involved going through a tunnel underneath it. When they mentioned that the tunnel has itself got water flowing through, I immediately volunteered for the challenge. It’s not often the humans actually encourage me to get wet.

The tunnel from the towpath side

Me and hudad on the cache side of the tunnel

Great fun was had by all. It was especially funny watching hudad trying to make his way through the tunnel without getting his feet wet (a feat which he did manage – kudos). Humum didn’t care, she had wellies on.

After that it was time to release my very own trackable. It’s called “Who Let the Dogs Out?” (TB3QHN0) and comprises a puppy cachekinz trackable which has been attached to a small chocolate labrador figureine who I have christened Mini-Millie.

Me and Mini-Millie

Mini-Millie would like to visit caches owned by all her geodog furiends and would also like to visit iconic landmarks and places around the world. She hopes to have her photo taken along the way.

Mini-Millie starts her journey from my own cache and I hope it will not be long before someone else solves the puzzle and retrieves her. Although as I am typing this, she remains undiscovered. So come on you geocachers.


I shall keep you posted on her progress.