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Yes dear readers it is time for me to once again dive headfirst into my collection of Wagg dog food treats to select the next product for review. I’m sure I hear gasps of amazement at the fact that I, a labrador, have not scoffed the lot in one swoop. In truth, the humans have them stored in a cupboard I cannot reach. I’m not that silly. I mean, you didn’t really think did you ?????

Right, let’s get the laptop organised first.

Which button is it to change from twitter to blog?

OK, here we go …. first to be nudged by the nose this week are …. Wagg’s Training Sticks.

What a lot of treats to be tested.

As ever with my reviews, first the information bit courtesy of the humans. Wagg’s Training Sticks are chicken and cheese flavoured sticks. They have no artificial colours or preservatives and no sugar has been added. There are twelve sticks in each pack.

The sticks come pre-scored ready to be broken down into smaller pieces if desired.

One stick ... many pieces

I’m still not convinced about this making the treats smaller concept. Perhaps I should try negotiation, after all it worked with nuclear weapons. You want me to sit? That will be 1 piece. A down? Well that will cost 2 pieces because of the extra effort involved. A recall? Come off it, I’m not doing that for less than a full stick or 2 if there’s water about.

Now let’s turn to the sniff test. Definite aroma there, not sure I’m getting chicken but whatever it is it’s got me paying attention. On the looks department, the brown is a bit dull, but then if you don’t use artificial colourings then shocking pink or luminous orange is out of the question.

Onwards then to the tasting. Oh yes, these are good. In fact they are very good. In fact I would even go so far as to say they are incredibly nommy. Don’t believe me, well look

Watch the treat-y

A down AND a leave

See they must be good for me to do that.

I’ll even stand looking over the back of the sofa if you give me another one.

Where's the treat? Come on hand it over.

In conclusion, using the Millie-O-Meter marking scheme (1 = lettuce leaf, 10 = steak), I would give these treats an 8.75. The human readers will like them because you can make a pack go a long way if you break them up. The canine readers will like them because they smell great and taste even better. If this dog will sit for one then, believe me, any dog would.