As some of my furiends on twitter know, I had an “incident” a couple of weeks back whilst out geocaching.

Me and the humans were attempting to complete the Hitches Lane series of geocaches, 12 caches on a 4 mile loop, and shortly after we started another dog decided to be most unfriendly and bit me on the ear. At first my humans didn’t even notice, having assumed that my yelp was the result of a paw or tail being trodden on by one of the other dogs, and it was not until we found the 5th cache in the series that my ducking under a stile lead to them seeing some blood on my ear. I had of course been very brave about the whole thing, not wanting my injury to be the cause of a halt in my adventures in smell and sound. Can you blame me? The options were continue on my lovely walk or go directly to the vet, not passing ‘go’ and definitely not getting treats.

A quick call to the vets from the middle of a field ended up with an about turn and back to the car. Thirty minutes later, there I was in the consulting room with Roger the vet shaving some fur off my ear and stapling the wound together. The indignity, pierced ears are not a good look on a dog. Mind you, I did get some kibble treats at the end of it and some rather funny looking things that tasted a bit odd. Now what did the humans call them? Oh yes, “ant – i – biotics”; not quite sure what ants have to do with it, but there you go.

I was especially peeved as the humans decreed that I had to wait for the staples to be removed before I could head back out on the trail. Over protective or what?

The staples were removed last Tuesday (5 July 2011) and first thing on my “to do” list was to get back out there to complete the series. So after a few more days’ delay, it was once more unto the breach dear furiends picking up where we left off yesterday (Sunday).

The map below shows the location of all twelve caches.

There was lots to see (and smell) on the route round including flowers, cows, horses and a heron. The best thing of all? We didn’t see another person on the entire walk until we made it back to Hitches Lane again.

Pretty Poppies

Me on the trail

Heron (it's in the bottom left honest!)

Horses in field close to "Trolls Trampoline"

I particularly enjoyed the trolls trampoline cache for reasons which will become apparent if my dear readers you try to find it.

I would thoroughly recommend this series as a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours, even if there were no opportunities for getting wet. In some places it was so quiet that for a time at least you could almost forget that you are in the midst of a suburban environment.

So thanks and kudos to the cache owner (Smudge108) for this series.