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My three sisfurs & I were very excited when the postman delivered a deliciously smelling envelope. We knew it was for us (me really as I reminded them) but Mom unpacked the envelope & put the contents out of reach on the shelf giving the excuse she needed to read about them!

Checking out the goodies

Phew Daisy nearly nabbed the treats!

We nearly had a dicey moment when Springer Spaniel Daisy nabbed the packet before we tested them. Phew they obviously smell nice (not that I’d had the chance to try them).

After several days sniffing the packet from a distance I was allowed to try my Wagg Dog Treats, Tasty Chunks ready for my review. Mom was pleased as they are a chewy treat & can be broken up into tiny pieces which is ideal for training as bits don’t drop on the floor (roll eyes, I could manage a whole one you know!!!).

Mom & Dad are dog trainers so using different value treats as motivation is very important. Finally the day had arrived when I could try them – downside I had to WORK for them!

Teaching food refusal

First we did food refusal reminding me not to snatch food & take it nicely (had a little drool here!).

Then we did the “watch” exercise which aims to get me looking at my Mom instead of looking around & being naughty (as if).

Perfecting the "watch" exercise with Wagg treats

Finally I did some heelwork which I decided to jazz up with a couple of twirls Haven’t done heelwork for ages, but it was worth it for these Wagg dog food treats which definitely come into my high value, worth working for scale.

On the Millie-o-meter scale Mom, Dad & I would give 8 out of 10 – number 1 being a lettuce leaf & 10 being steak or my Dad’s homemade liver treats. We would certainly recommend Wagg treats as a training aid as they are easy to divide, smell nice & are super tasty. For a good dog a whole treat would be a jackpot! I would ask my Mom to buy them & she says she would recommend them to clients at our dog training (Benefit). Infact I’ll just pop & check out the packet again as I think we have a couple left…

Bye for now, Rudipuds x