Today I am one very excited dog. Why? Well I placed my first cache over the weekend and it has now been published as an official cache on the geocaching website.

It’s a puzzle cache, which means that in order to find it you will have to solve my devious clues which will lead you to the right co-ordinates.

It took a lot of thinking about I can tell you. First I had to check where all the other local caches were as you can’t have them too close to one another. Then I had to think of a title and the clues. Finally it was the cache itself and what would go into it. I was going to place a trackable, but where I wanted it to go would have given the game away on my puzzle so I decided to leave that for another day. I even had to learn some basic html programming code to make my cache page look good.

You can see my cache here.

I was going to say that I just have to keep my paws crossed that people will find it, but it has already been found. In fact someone had the puzzle solved within 50 minutes of it being published and someone else had actually gone on to find it within 80 minutes. These geocachers are eager beavers.

So instead I will keep my paws crossed that it does not get ‘muggled’. Quite why geocachers decided to adopt a term from Harry Potter is anyone’s guess, but there you have it. A muggle is somone who isn’t a geocacher and they have this nasty habit of finding caches, taking all the items from it and scattering them around instead of reading the information explaining what the game is all about & joining in the fun.

Some come on all you dogs out there, grab your humans and get out there geocaching!