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Dear all,

I’m delighted to report that I am now able to give you my review of Wagg dog food “Tasty Chunks”.  In fact, I expect you’re surprised it’s taken this long.  When the envelope arrived I was immediately able to sense that it contained something for me.

Wait a minute...

I nearly got away with the whole lot but – not quite.

now... if I just...

I had to wait for the outside of the packet to be read.

The treats

We learnt that it contains chunks in 3 flavours: chicken, ham and beef.  They are chewy-type treats rather than crunchy and contain lots of vitamins and minerals, no sugar or artificial colours or flavours, and a pleasingly short list of ingredients.  They do contain wheat which is not always recommended in large quantities for Labradors but as treats I think it’s OK.




I'm waiting...


Anyway.  On to the taste.  They tasted fab.  We couldn’t distinguish a great deal of difference between the three flavours to be honest but that’s hardly a criticism as they all disappeared in split seconds.

In fact the photographer’s last attempt to capture me assessing the chicken flavour was not too successful…

Got it kthanxbai

They are small as individual treats – they measure just under 2cm sq which means that, for a Lab, one isn’t going to be enough.  In fact 2 isn’t enough either BOL.   The packet suggests using them as training treats; while not huge, they might be generously sized for training if you need as many inducements as we do sometimes (!) but they easily break in half or even into quarters (if you can be bothered).  I think optimal use would be two or three as a reward, or for one of those bonus expressions of affection we all need from time to time…  So assessing on the Millie-o-meter scale where, you will recall, 1 is equivalent to a lettuce leaf and 10 to a fillet steak, I think we have a solid 7.5 – extremely tasty but as a Labrador, I need several at a time!  I would buy these, though, and I would recommend them too.

Hope to bark with you again soon.


Mrs Dog