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What can I say, those lovely people at Wagg dog food were so impressed by my review of their mobility sticks (see post here) that they have asked me to review more of their products and also some for their sister company Harringtons. No labrador in their right mind is going to turn down that opportunity; it’s almost like being an official taster.

So not long ago a box arrived at the humum’s office. I know this because I was there as it was take your dog to work day. It was addressed to me, although I wasn’t allowed to open it. Bad form. Inside was not one, not two, not even three packets of treats but ten packets. Yes furiends, you read me right, ten packs.

Now I’m not a complete pig and I had already made arrangements with my twitter pal lucyyellowlab to send her a pack in exchange for a guest blog review. Lucy does agility, so she opted to try the Wagg training treats and see if they would improve her performance. You’ll also be able to read guest posts from other contributors and twitter pals,  MrsDog and Rudipuds, who are trialling some products as the nice people at Wagg sent them some as well. So look out for these reports coming soon.

But that still leaves me with loads of new treats to try.

First up will be *drum roll please* ………..

Harringtons Teeth & Gum Treats

The Treats

First up the information. These treats are a complementary pet food suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks old which contain no artificial colours or flavours, have no added sugar, soya or added wheat. What they do have added is calcium for healthy teeth and parsley & mint to help promote fresh breath.

OK, onto the taste / smell test.

There’s a definite hint of mint in the smell department, can’t say I can smell the parsley but then that herb doesn’t have much of an aroma anyway.

The treats are quite small in size; a case of one crunch and gone if you’re a labrador. If I’m honest, I would have preferred them to be slightly bigger, say a two or three crunch. That having been said, the crunch is quite satisfying, none of that slightly soft texture to these biscuits.

Also, although the humans might be quite keen on me having mint smelling breath, I’m not sure many of my canine pals would be too impressed. What is wrong with sheep poo breath or moth breath (my speciality) anyway?

But with those minor quibbles, let’s get down to the serious business of eating. You can definitely taste herbs on the palate. All in all quite nommy.

Big dog .... little treat

In the interests of research, I also got the humans to smell my breath after eating to see if there was a discernable difference. “Better than normal” was the response.

So adopting the millie-o-meter scale for scoring as used in my last review, I would rate these treats as a 5 – great taste, just too small for a labrador. Perhaps they might consider making a bigger version for us bigger dogs.