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In honour of today being “Take Your Dog to Work Day”, guess where I am blogging from. Yep, the humans’ office.

First celebrated in 1999, Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day was created to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters and breed rescue clubs. It is always held on the Friday following Father’s Day (UK).

After an early start for a bit of pre-office grooming and of course breakfast, it was on with the collar (my smart new one) and into hudad’s van. Luckily the office is only a mile or so from home, so no long commute for me.

First job of the day, inspection. I’ve not visited the office for a while, so it needed a thorough look and sniff round to make sure everything was in order and ready for any clients.

This looks new

Next up, reading and answering email.

Why do humans make such a fuss about email - it's simples

But my favourite activity, which I understand humans in the workplace do a lot of, is this.

Watching the world go by

[Please note the useful ledge just below head height for the placement of toys.]

The only downside is that the dreaded “baby gate” is up. Something to do with the humans wanting to give visitors due warning of my presence before I make myself known personally. It’s a bit rough if you ask me.

And now, if you’ll forgive me, I’ve had a hectic start to my day so it’s time for a snooze.