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Not too long ago, the lovely people at Wagg were offering a free pack of treats in exchange for a review. Now being a labrador, that offer didn’t take too much thinking about so I immediately got the human to make contact. Last week I got a reply:

Millie, as you are a lady of 8 we hoped you would review our mobility sticks for us. Normally, we would recommend these for anyone over the age of 7 as they are designed to help support healthy joints, meaning you will be able to continue exercising your human for a good many years to come.


I spy with my little eye .... treats

Now those of you following me on twitter will already know that there was a bit of a “delivery error” with my Wagg treats. The silly postman delivered them to the shop next door, which would not normally be a problem but the shop appears to have ceased trading. I was extremely concerned that I might never see my treats and not be able to complete my review. But after a nervous 24 hours pacing the floor, the very nice shop people re-delivered my treats. Wooftastic.

First, the information bit.

Wagg Mobility Sticks

There are 6 salmon & rice flavoured sticks in the pack. According to the human, who can read the packaging, the sticks have added glucosamine and chrondrotin to help support joint health & mobility and no artificial colours or flavourings have been used, nor sugar added. You can find out more on the website.

The human has also asked me to point out that the sticks can be broken down into pieces, but I don’t think my doggie readers will be too keen on the idea of the stick becoming a tit-bit.

Now for the sniff & taste testing.

Can I have one now?

There is a definite fish aroma from the sticks, which makes a change if you ask me as too often a treat claims to have a particular flavour but has no accompanying aroma. Smell is just as important to us canines as taste.

As for taste, well does the fact that it was gone in under 10 seconds give you a rough idea? Tasty, very tasty.

So where does that put them on the Millie-o-meter food scoring sytem, where 0 points equates to a lettuce leaf and 10 points is on a par with fillet steak? I would rate these a solid 8. Pawsome & well done Wagg dog food. A new treat has hit my shopping list.

With only one packet to test I’m afraid I can’t comment on whether there has been any improvement to my mobility or joint health – that would require a much longer testing regime, which of course I would only be too happy to conduct on behalf of Wagg if they would care to supply more samples BOL!