I’m always looking for new things to try and I had read a lot from my furiends adogcalledbingo and teaganthedog about something called geocaching. Not being too sure what was involved, although I had picked up on the fact that it seemed to involve extended walks, I got the humans to look it up on t’interweb. Basically, it’s treasure hunting, although disappointingly not involving gold dubloons which would be useful for the humans to buy me dog treats with. People hide “caches” for others to find using GPS devices. Well both humans have ibones, so not problem on the GPS front, and I’ve got the paws for walking. Simples.

Having woken up the humans obscenely early on Sunday morning, or at least that’s what they told me, with some woogling on the bed it was time to have a go. Humum found the details of a cache on one of my regular walking routes – Troll’s Treasure – and we were off. According to the rating, this was one of the easiest caches to find so it seemed like a good one to start with.

After much sniffing about once we reached the canal, it was time to commence the search in earnest with me directing things from the canalside. After a bit of looking about, hudad came up trumps (no spoilers). As this was our first cache, we didn’t take or leave anything from it, but it was interesting to see what was “in the box”. We also managed to avoid being spotted. No pictures as in all the excitement of finding the cache the humans completely forgot.

Although this first foray into the geocaching world didn’t result in my walk being extended to any great degree, I did enjoy the hunt, particularly scrabbling around in the undergrowth. I can see this becoming addictive. Humum has already found loads more to find in the local area so look out caches, “Humpyhounds” are on their way.