Yesterday the humans took me to Bourton-on-the-Water, one of my favourite places. Humum’s parents were staying in one of the CSMA’s Motor Museum Cottages and so we had a lovely base right in the centre of the village from which we could explore. As ever with me, I immediately made myself at home with a woogle in a sun puddle on the lounge floor and then a flomp on the sofa (the humans having brought covers as a precautionary measure).

View from the Cottage

After a reviving cup of tea for the humans and a bowl of cold water for me, we had a lovely walk along the Windrush Way. I met 4 dogs to have a play with – 2 Jack Russells, 1 Mixa and 1 Border Terrier. One of the Jack Russells liked me so much she started following me back to the cottage and had to be collected by her humans (the call back having failed dismally). There were also plenty of humans to greet, including a man wearing bright purple suede boots! Perfect for slobbering over although I did resist the urge.

Does my tongue look big in this?

Strangely I wasn’t the only one drooling. My humans seemed particularly taken with one of the properties, I believe called “Top Mill”. It did have a lovely garden and I would have loved to have a woogle on the lawn, but I wasn’t allowed. There was also plenty of water which would have suited my paddling tendancies. The water ran underneath that part of the building on the left of the photo, a see-though floor would be a must I think.

Top Mill - Drooltastic

After lunch, we had another walk along the Windrush this time in the village. That wasn’t as good as the first one, as I had to keep stopping because the humans kept disappearing into shops.

On a more positive note, there were lots & lots of ducks about; probably because humans were throwing bits of bread about. I’m sorry to report that I was not very successful in my duck hunting, I blame my humans who had me on a short leash.

Wonder if they honk if you squeeze them?

All in all, a great day. I do love the Cotswolds.