What are the 6 words every dog wants to hear?

Answer = “we’ve got a present for you”.

Normally those words mean a new toy (preferably squeaky) or a foodie treat. On Easter Sunday you would probably forgive me for thinking that it meant an Easter egg.

How wrong can a dog be???

Out came the tin bath. Great, I thought my paddling pool is coming out so maybe it’s a toy for the water.

Then strange things started happening.

The pool was being filled with water out of the taps, not just the hose. My towels were placed on the deck. Some plastic bottles appeared with coloured stuff in. Finally two jugs appeared next to the pool.

Things were starting to look ominous. Then it dawned on me, this is exactly what happens at bath time only this was outdoors not indoors.

Surely this isn’t what they meant by a present – a B A T H ?????

But, yes this is what they meant.

Unceremoniously I was dumped into the water.

The initial getting wet stage

The dreaded shampoo was applied; worse still it was that “stay fresh” stuff.

No, not the shampoo

Rinse & repeat.

About the only good part of the whole experience was the rub down with the towel afterwards as it signalled an end to my suffering.

Towel fighting

And the worst thing of all, I’ve gone fluffy

The fluffmeister